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SENOK Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

  • SENOK ENERGY - Hydro


    Hydropower Generation

    SENOK ENERGY has reinstated its commitment to sustainable energy generation through our alliance with an industry leader to develop hydropower projects in Central Sri Lanka. Since 1999, SENOK Mark Group and SENOK Hydroelectric Plants have accumulated expertise in handling engineering, procurement, and construction requirements of hydropower projects in Sri Lanka and East Africa on an own and operate basis.

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    Wind Power Generation

    SENOK is a pioneer in renewable energy development in Sri Lanka and is one of the first companies to develop wind power projects that reached the 10MW installed capacity threshold by 2010. Today, we have fine-tuned our technical capability, and operate four wind power plants in the Puttalam district with an accumulated generation power of 40MW providing an uninterrupted power supply to the national grid.

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  • SENOK ENERGY - Solar


    Solar Power Generation

    SENOK’s success with the wind and solar power projects locally and globally encouraged us to adopt solar power generation at a commercial level. We believe solar power generation to be the future of sustainable energy generation and have partnered with a German Technology partner to acquire the latest solutions in the industry. Our team of experts handles the EPC requirements of all our energy projects, prioritising quality and efficiency.

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