• Nikawaretiya Road Construction Project

Nikawaretiya Road Construction Project

    • SENOK was awarded with the execution of two road construction projects namely “Kotawehera - Inginimitiya Road (8+500 km to 18+350 Km)” and “Kanuketiya – Malpanawa – Rasnayakapura Road ( 0+000 km to 9+508 Km)” in Nikarawetiya electorate of Kurunegala District and commenced work on the 01st of November 2020.

      These projects were implemented by the Road Development Authority (RDA) under the 100,000 Km Road Development Programme which was initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka and “Maganeguma” Road Construction Equipment Company being its coordinator.

      Senok established its project office at Digannewa in Kotawehera – Inginimitiya Road for the management of on-going and upcoming Projects in Nikaweratiya electorate.