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  • SENOK - History

    Mr Noel Selvanayagam, the Visionary Founder and President of SENOK Group of Companies, is the principal architect of our spectacularly successful diversified conglomerate.

    An aspiring entrepreneur, full of energy and passion and with the foresight to see years ahead, he immediately realised the massive potential of the first business opportunity that came his way in the travel industry in the late seventies, and seized it with fervour and a fierce determination to capitalise on it.Thanks to his indomitable will to succeed, the travel business, where he cut his teeth in entrepreneurship, grew by leaps and bounds. In this venture, he proceeded to engage in travel air ticketing, pilgrim tours, labour exports and knowledge migration to reach his bold goals.

    Since the establishment of SENOK TRADE COMBINE (PVT) LTD in 1979, from the travel business, the company has diversified into construction machinery, commercial vehicles, and automobiles. The manufacturing arm of the company too commenced operations in precast concrete, bitumen emulsion, windows & doors, tea production, construction of harbour, airport and hospital construction, and development and maintenance of renewable energy generation in hydro, wind and solar sectors.Today, the company also provides after-sales services in machinery, commercial vehicles and automobiles, and operates in aviation and hospitality industries, and holds lucrative overseas operations in the Maldives, Uganda, and Kenya.

    The SENOK Group, a privately-held diversified conglomerate based in Sri Lanka, has a total workforce of approximately 850 employees, who’re well-trained personnel stationed locally and overseas. At SENOK Group, we remain unfazed and undeterred in the face of all kinds of challenges posed by the changes in our business environment, and firmly believe our inherent resilience will see us succeed and prosper under any circumstances. Hallmarked by perseverance, determination, reliability and ambition, we venture out to take on various projects, and respect and value our business partners, suppliers and financiers, and adhere to sound corporate governance practices and strong corporate ethics in the pursuit of corporate goals.

    Memories & Milestones  

    Memories and milestones in Senok’s march to glory

    • 1982   Kobelco Construction Machinery in Japan, the manufacturer of Kobelco hydraulic excavator, wheel loader & cranes, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka & Maldives
    • 1986   Establishment of SENOK TEA (CEYLON) PVT LTD factory in Hokandara, Sri Lanka for packaging and exporting Ceylon tea for overseas markets.
    • 1988   Sakai Heavy Industries of Japan, the manufacturer of road construction equipment, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 1990   UD Corporation of Japan, (formerly known as Nissan Diesel), manufacturer of trucks & lorries, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka & Maldives.
    • 1990   Establishment of a central spare parts warehouse in the central-Colombo district for storing and retailing parts.
    • 1992   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan (presently known as Hidromek), the manufacturer of motor graders, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 1994   JCB Sales of the UK, the manufacturer of backhoe loaders, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 1995   Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan (presently known as Subaru Corporation), the manufacturer of Subaru cars, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka.
    • 1996   Kato Works Corporation Limited of Japan, the manufacturers of rough terrain & mobile cranes, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 1997   Audi AG of Germany, the manufacturers of luxury cars & sports utility vehicles (SUV), appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 1999   Establishment of mini-hydropower projects with the vision to address the drastic power shortage that the country was facing at the time.
    • 2002   Establishment of construction machinery service facility in Henegama, Weliweriya in Sri Lanka in an area of some 40 acres.
    • 2003   Volkswagen (VW) of Germany, the manufacturers of Sedans, SUVS, Passenger vehicles and Sports Cars, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 2004   Establishment of Senok Bitumen & Emulsion manufacturing facility at Henegama with a modern inline Emulsion plant manufactured in Denmark.
    • 2004   Establishment of special projects section was established in the year 2004 to concentrate on airports, seaports and harbours, fishery harbours, piling, jetties, and piers.
    • 2005   Establishment of SENOK WINDOWS (PVT) LTD with its factory premises in Henegama, fully equipped and powered by German technology and establishment of its office in Nawala.
    • 2005   Damen Shipyards of Netherlands, the manufacturers of dredgers, tugboats, workboats & naval vessels, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 2006   Establishment of SENOK MINING (PVT) LTD in Kotadeniyawa, Colombo with the finest metal crushing plants.
    • 2008   Wirtgen Group of Germany, consisting of four brands - Wirtgen for road miners, Hamm for compactors, Vogele for road pavers and Kleeman for metal/rock crushers - appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 2008   Establishment of SENOK RESORTS, Kirchhayn Bungalow in the Aislaby Estate in Bandarawela, owned by SENOK.
    • 2010   Establishment of SENOK WIND POWER (PVT) LTD and Completion of first commercial wind power project to the sole purchaser of electricity in the country - Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)
    • 2010   Nissan Forklift Corporation of Japan (presently known as Unicarriers), the manufacturer of forklifts, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    • 2012   Establishment of SENOK AVIATION (PVT) LTD whilst acquiring two Airbus H125 Helicopters.
    • 2013   Eicher, a brand of trucks, tippers & buses produced by VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) Ltd of India, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 2014   Establishment of SENOK EAST AFRICA (PVT) LTD with an office and facilities in Uganda & Kenya.
    • 2016   Hyundai Motor Company of Korea, the manufacturers of trucks & lorries, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 2017   Altrad Belle of the UK, the manufacturer of rollers & rammers, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
    • 2020   Airman of India, the manufacturers of compressors & generators, appoints SENOK as the dealer for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
  • SENOK - President's  Message

    The SENOK Group’s continuous expansion and relentless growth in renewable energy, construction, industrial and manufacturing service sectors have always been driven by our fierce determination to pioneer and revolutionize each industry we operate in.

    Our investment and expansion strategies have always been perfectly aligned with the latest market trends and the prevailing economic climate. Focusing steadfast on the needs of our customers, we dedicate ourselves to providing products & services that offer real value whilst contributing to the creation of a prosperous society.

    With their exemplary dedication and commitment, every employee of the SENOK Group has been a partner of our phenomenal success. I take immense pride in the SENOK team for all that we have accomplished together and in “the future we create for you and for many generations to come.

  • SENOK - Vision and Mission
    • Vision

      To be the preferred partner in delivering products and services that sustain and enhance our national objectives. We strive for the upliftment of the environment in which we live in and the communities that we operate in.

    • Mission

      We are committed to being the finest in the industries we operate within, ensuring enhanced customer experiences by delivering the highest quality products and services. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and honesty in our relationships with our partners, customers, and employees.

  • SENOK - Our Business

    One of Sri Lanka’s most respected and renowned privately-held diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, SENOK has a giant footprint in the country with significant business interests overseas. Led by the visionary president Mr Noel Selvanayagam, an entrepreneur, investor and industrialist who seems to possess the proverbial Midas touch, SENOK aggressively pursues growth & expansion both in Sri Lanka and overseas while honouring their promise for top-of-the-line products and world-class services to their esteemed customers.

    SENOK enjoys a dominant position in Sri Lanka’s specialised industrial machinery & equipment market as the franchise holder and sales agent for global brands such as JCB, KOBELCO, WIRTGEN, VOGELE, HAMM, HIDROMEK, METONG, AUSA, KATO, Altrad Belle, UNICARRIERS, MSB, Berky, and Airman. SENOK has also made its mark in Sri Lanka’s commercial transportation sector as the sole agent for three global commercial vehicle brands - Eicher, and Hyundai & UD Trucks for premium quality buses and trucks respectively.

    SENOK is the Sri Lankan agent for the iconic Subaru Automobiles, which are quite popular among Sri Lanka’s car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, SENOK’s after-sales services segment encompasses a wide range of equipment and automobile repairs, services, and spare part import and sales are supported through state-of-the-art service centres and warehouses.

    SENOK TRAVEL, the first company of the group, is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is recognised among the country’s best operators in the travel & leisure sector. SENOK’s manufacturing arm covers an extensive range from tea to mining to precast concrete and UPVC products and each company remains, quite deservedly, a market leader in each of these segments.

    SENOK is also a pioneer in the development of renewable energy generation in Sri Lanka with a range of diverse and evolving renewable energy project portfolio. SENOK’s long term partnership with BERKY, a world leader in waterway maintenance, has allowed us to provide the Sri Lankan and the Maldives market with vessels for every purpose from transport, leisure, pleasure, waterway maintenance and environmental protection.

    All in all, SENOK remains a leader in every industry we operate in and touches the lives of hundreds and thousands of people in countless ways.

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